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(privacy) terms and conditions


In this document the following terms shall have the meaning as described below:


Urban Residences refers to the following properties:

Urban Residences Rotterdam, Hennekijnstraat 104, 3012EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Urban Residences Maastricht, Statenstraat 4, 6211TB Maastricht, The Netherlands.


A lessee or Guest is the person who rented or booked the apartment, for both long- and short-term stays.


The confirmation email including the booking details that a guest receives once making a booking together with this Privacy terms & booking condition serves as the Hotel agreement between the Guest and Urban Residences.


Urban Residences Rotterdam: a minimum age of 21 age applies for all guests in this property to be able to stay and check-in.

Urban Residences Maastricht: a minimum age of 18 applies for all guests in this property to be able to stay and check-in.


The booking details specify the details for the performance of services, such as start date and the end date.

The guests payment obligation shall consist of the following:

  • The lease price
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT

The price is payable in advance and no later than the first day of the period to which the payment applies, in the manner indicated by Urban Residences.


A stay longer than 28 nights is considered a “long stay”.

A stay from 3 to 27 nights is considered a “short stay”.


All cancellations or modifications within the rate policy conditions need to be done via e-mail:

For Rotterdam: rotterdam@urbanresidences.com

For Maastricht: maastricht@urbanresidences.com

No- shows: the booking will be marked as No-show when the time to check-in has passed for that specific date.

If the Leased property is not notified by the lessee (via email confirmed) the booking will be cancelled. The booking will be charged 100% and the hotel reserves the right to resell the leased booked stay.


Urban Residences Rotterdam:

Check in: from 03.00 pm – midnight

Check out: untill 11.00 am

Urban Residences Maastricht:

Check in: Monday to Sunday: 02.00 pm – 05.00pm, after 5pm by pre-notification

Check out: untill 11.00 am

Guests checking in outside of check-in hours need to call Urban Residences half an hour prior to arrival.

Maastricht property extra details: Check in after midnight can only be arranged via email. An extra fee of €25,- for check-ins after midnight applies.

It is the guests own responsibility to contact Urban Residences when checking in outside the above mentioned check in hours. The property cannot be held responsible if the guest(s) is/ are locked out.

All guests need to bring a valid ID to be able to check in.

The open balance needs to be fulfilled at check-in. Urban Residences only accepts debit or credit card payments for your stay. The deposit may be paid in cash.

A deposit may be requested by credit card or cash. Please read “security deposit” for more information.

Check out time is before 11.00am (Rotterdam) or 11.00am (Maastricht), unless otherwise agreed upon with Urban Residences. If not agreed with the Urban Residences Management, Urban Residences is allowed to charge a full day according to the booked rate plan.

All Key cards must be returned upon departure either at the reception or may be left in the check-out box outside opening hours. Failure to do so will result in a replacement fee of €25,- per key card.


The guest(s) shall provide Urban Residences a security deposit in the form of a valid credit card (personal card), to guarantee the proper fulfilment of his/her (their) obligations and/or the compensation for damages to the leased property.

If the guest(s) does not have a credit card, the deposit can be paid cash at check-in.

The deposit amounts for Urban Residences Rotterdam are:

  • Suite | Corner Studio | Family Suite: €300,-
  • Apartment | Large Apartment: €500,-
  • Penthouse | Large Penthouse: €1000,-

The deposit amounts for Urban Residences Maastricht are:

  • Studio’s: €150,-
  • Apartments: €300,-
  • Penthouses: €500,-

This deposit is held in case of damages to the property by the guest(s), or violation of the house rules.

If the Guest or someone accompanying the Guest violates the house rules, creates damages or acts in such a way that the order and peace and quietness or normal operation of Urban Residences could be jeopardized, the Guest and anyone accompanying the Guest must leave the property. No restitution of the deposit or value of any remaining nights will apply.


Parties are strictly prohibited! When established that a party or gathering that exceeds the maximum occupancy is being held, it will lead into immediate eviction without any refund of the deposit or value of the remaining nights. in addition, a minimum of €250,- will always be charged to Urban Residences for the inconvenience caused.

Use of confetti or party decorations are strictly prohibited. Please contact the Reception of Urban Residences in order to request the possibilities.


Drugs are not allowed and strictly prohibited! Smoking and vaping is not allowed in any of our properties.

Breaking these rules may result in immediate eviction without a restitution of the deposit or the remaining nights. If the room has a smoke smell this may result in an extra charge of a full day according to the booked rate plan.

Laughing gas is not allowed in our properties and will be confiscated and will not be returned, a fee of €100,- will always be charged.


Pets are not allowed. An additional cleaning fee of €250,- will be charged when breaking this rule. If this amount will not cover the damages and cleaning costs an additional fee can be charged.

Guests are requested to leave the apartment in a tidy fashion. If the apartment – apart from regular final cleaning- requires extra cleaning, then Urban Residences is forced to charge the guest a cleaning fee of at least €100,- (depending on the situation).

Guests are expected to report any technical defects on the day of arrival by email or telephone to the reception of Urban Residences. The guest is fully liable for any damage to furniture or inventory. If damage is found, the entire deposit amount will be deducted and an additional charge may occur.


Commercial video clips, photo shoots or recordings must be discussed in advance and be contractually established. If this rule is violated, € 1000 per day will be charged. In addition, the entire deposit amount will be deducted.


We respect your privacy during your stay. However we are authorized to enter your apartment for e.g. emergencies and safeguarding the rules. In case you do not follow the instructions of the employees of Urban Residences at any time, we will notify the police.

Any guest may be obliged to be transferred to another room of the same room type or higher for operational reasons.


The contracting party and the guest are liable for all claims that  Urban Residences has and/or come to have against them.

If property is removed, stolen or damaged, the guest must prove that it occurred in Urban Residences as a result of the acts or omissions on the part of the third party whose services we have engaged.

Urban Residences accept no liability for any harm or loss caused in respect of any persons and/or their property, including death, personal injury, property damage or theft.

Urban Residences is not liable to the guest for a harm or loss that occurs as a result of or in connection with the performance of any agreement between Urban Residences and the contracting party and/or guest if the contracting party and/or guest is insured, or could have been insured, against the relevant harm or loss.

Urban Residences never accepts any liability for any goods placed in our custody or left with us in any way – regardless of how that arrangement was arrived at or who placed the goods in our custody or left the goods with us – unless we have charged a fee for the arrangement.

We will not accept liability of lost luggage, personal items, mail or delivered packages unless the guest can prove that these items were lost or stolen due to the Hotel or its staff’s negligence.


A complaint filed with Urban Residences must be made in writing by the guest and be submitted immediately after discovering the failure to perform for which Urban Residences might be liable.

Complaints should be sent in writing to:

For Rotterdam: rotterdam@urbanresidences.com

For Maastricht: maastricht@urbanresidences.com

If a complaint is deemed to be well-founded, Urban Residences will, if and to the extent it is in our power to do so, attempt to eliminate the cause of the complaint as quickly as possible


Every guest is required to hand in any property they find to the reception.

After check-out of a guest, any personal belongings left in the room or any other area, will not be kept and will considered as leftover items, unless by its appearance and value it is clear to anyone that it must be a lost item. Food and beverage will not be kept.

Urban Residences keeps lost items for maximum 3 months. If items are not claimed after 3 months, Urban Residences obtain ownership for all not claimed items by the rightful owner.

Guest have to pay for any extra costs for shipment.


It is a condition of our Agreement that guests comply with these privacy terms, booking conditions and house rules

For all other not mentioned conditions, we will follow the Dutch Law.