Today is a beautiful day and the forecasts of the weekend are pretty good as well! Maastricht has many beautiful terraces where you can spend the whole day just relaxing and chilling. At Urban Residences Maastricht you can experience what it’s like to live like a local and therefore we like to recommend 5 hotspots with you!

Café Zuid
Located at Plein 1992 is a theatre café and there you will find hotspot number 1: Café Zuid. To enjoy this lovely waterfront terrace you do not have to attend a play at their theatre, just join the crowd and take a seat. Cafe Zuid is open daily and is perfect for a drink, lunch or dinner.

Plein 1992 NO 15
6221 JP Maastricht

Grand-Cafe Outside Slavants
From Urban Residences Maastricht it will take you 12 minutes by car to find the Buitengoed Slavante. Here you can sit outside and enjoy the fantastic view from St. Pietersberg on the downstream meadows. So if you want to visit a unique place then this is definitely a must!

Slavante 1
6212 NB Maastricht

Servaas’ Café
Do you like a delicious freshly made (special) beer or a good glass of wine with some tapas? Servaas’ Café has a jazzy ambience and its own atmosphere. The cafeteria is famous for the beautiful view of Saint-Servaas bridge and it is on the waterfront.
Corversplein 10
6221 EZ Maastricht

Harbour Club
In one of the old quay cellars of the historic inner harbour ‘t Bassin in Maastricht you will find the beautiful and trendy restaurant De Harbour Club. If you’re crazy about fish dishes then this is the right place. Inside you can lounge by the fireplace and outside you can eat or drink on their beautiful terrace.

Bassinkade 4
6211 AL

Cafe Sjiek
Do you want to taste the local atmosphere of Maastricht? Then Cafe Sjiek is definitely worth the effort. Thanks to the large outdoor terrace it is the perfect place to visit when the weather is good. There are delicious wines and authentic dishes on the menu!

Sint Pieterstraat 13
6211 JM